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MCSCI Announces 2015 Child Ambassador

Tairyn Cavilear_2015 Child Ambassador_v2 Martin Center Sickle Cell Initiative is pleased to introduce you to Tairyn Cavilear, our 2015 Child Ambassador. Tairyn is twelve years old. As you can see from the photo, she is a very bright and cheery young lady. We think that she will be a wonderful ambassador for our Sickle Cell family. As MCSCI’s Child Ambassador, she will help us spread Sickle Cell awareness and help us raise funds to support the needs of our many clients. We are grateful to Tairyn’s parents for allowing her to work with us in our very important mission of aiding and enhancing the lives of those affected by Sickle Cell and associated disorders. Look to see more of Tairyn as the year progresses.

One comment on “MCSCI Announces 2015 Child Ambassador

  1. Hello everyone as Tairyn’s oldest sister I have watch the strength of my baby sister grow as she struggled with her sickness. I am very proud of tairyn not only for her strength but because she can now tell her story and help others who endure her same struggles.. She will reprensent the Martin Center well!!!! Proud of you Tairyn.

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